Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Naked in Dublin

Support for a wind turbine

Great name for a cafe, wrong place Its gone

Department of education

A few weeks ago a woman was spotted walking naked through the streets of Dublin.
Click here to read more and then have a think.
A woman having a complete mental breakdown, CCTV footage collected by the police put up on social media. I understand that she was beaten and assaulted as she was being taken away.
She was sectioned and had mental as well as addiction problems.
Guess what ?
That footage of her arrest was put up as well.

Have people lost all sense of what is right or completely wrong?.

The poor girl was sectioned under the mental health act and killed herself a few days later after her release.
They said that she was so disturbed that they could not deal with her case.
Wow...That is really bad news.

The Garda concerned denies any wrong doing.

Police need more training in how to deal with mental health issues.
Properly trained negotiators need to be around and available to help the people who are standing on the ledge.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Prince Charles



A really old Volks and Holland

This morning the traffic was very bad, so bad that I gave up and came home.
Prince Charles and Camilla are in Dublin,the weather is great for it too.

There used to be  joke that Britain would join the € when Charles would be king
Which would be never.

Last Sunday I went from Northwood near the airport to Dublin Zoo.
When we arrived there I said to my passenger "Say hello to my relations in there"
Do you mean the monkeys? he said.
"If a cleric overheard you saying that in my country you would be executed by sword"
Lucky I didn't ask him if he was visiting his own relatives.
Saudi Arabia is ruled by a very strict clerical sect.
A woman can be arrested for driving a car, you are stoned to death for committing adultery.
Two Dublin woman talking at the bus stop.
"Did ya hear that you can be stoned to death for committing adultery?"

"Be Jases  if they brought that in here we'd run out of stones,"

Bob Dylan is here tonight so business is good. 

Friday, May 05, 2017

A special weekend

This weekend thousands of people will run from the darkness into the light.
Have a click here and join them.
Suaside  is a waste of a life for sure.
If the person who killed themselves reflected for an instant how it would effect the ones left behind they would never ever end their own flives.

On a lighter note if you are killing yourself you are probably killing the wrong person.

A friend comes to you with the books and CDs he borrowed..A big danger sign..
A fone call from someone about how sorry they were that they were so bad to you.
They are saying goodby. Don't miss it.

You have to embrace the person on the ledge.
"Things will get better, just talk to me for a few minutes"

I often think of an American man who killed himself in Blancerstown after getting out of my taxi.
He had lost his job and was adrift, I didn't see the danger.
A guy who once implored me to go for lunch with him because he wanted to say goodby.
He killed himself an hour later. A beautiful wife a fantastic job,the world at his feet.
I found out about his death two weeks later.
It transpired that he admired my own free spirit, I would go my own way and tell the rest to fuck off.

His death woke me up to the simple signs I now listen out for danger.
He was a really great person, wouldn't hurt a fly.

So boys and girls. 
Listen out for clues.
Daddy I want to tell you something.
John can you help me with something?
Jim would you like to walk the dog with me?

Little things can mean a lot

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Magic IBM ring 85 convention

 I took last May day off to attend a magic convention in Dundalk Co.Louth Marc Paul was the main guest.
Remember this
"The only way to have more fun than through magic is to take your clothes off"


We nearly lost Dublins most iconic taxi driver to Bowell cancer a few weeks ago.
After an operation and a few weeks rest he is now back in the saddle.
This video was made in  2009 and they say that he was 76 then, so if I am correct he is now 94 !!!
One of the girls in the video has the most fantastic laugh.

Jonny works like no other person to make the taxi drivers special day out the success that it is.

ts time for an ad break

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A vampire walks the street

A shop prop

St. Thresas Gardens in the process of being flattened
He stopped me on Cork St. A poor sick junkie, I was surprised to see 2 small children with him.
He was taking the girl to the national school at the corner of Sundrive Rd.
Then"Wait for me"
He brought the girl in and then we went into St.Threasas gardens where he bought drugs.
The other kid was around 3 years old and he made his hand into a gun and shot all the drug dealers.
It seemed like he knew what was going on and he wanted to shoot them all and get his daddy back.
Then we were off again and stopped at a Centra.
"Back in a minute bud"
So I waited while €3 added themselves to the meter.
I was thinking of cutting my losses and driving away when he came out.
I said that I had given up on him as he got in.
" I wouldn't do that bud, I'm not a bad person, I am just sick.
I am going to die soon, probably before the years end.
I would like to have lived to 30 though."
God he has 2 great looking bright kids, I would have wished that things were different.

Perhaps when their father passes over they might be removed from the danger.

Every drug addict knows what is ahead of them from the first fix, in spite of this they pick up the needle and get that wonderful hit where they are transported to a beautiful peaceful heaven.
Then they find later on that they are addicts, that hit dosent come again and their lives are fucked.

A Dubliner called Bram Stoker wrote a book once called Dracula about vampires who lived on the blood of others and those that they bit into also turned into the un dead.
It is a thing that you cannot get your head around but people without a trade or profession can drift into it.
Then Doctors and Academics stick loads of cocaine up their noses as well.

A guy in the taxi said to me

"Here is my business card. When you find the solution to this, just ring me and we will travel the world. 
The best brains cannot crack this one"

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sir Arnold Clark RIP

Its time to take out the lawn mower !

Looks like a prison "Pyro Villas" a terrace of houses behind other houses on Cork St.

Like a gateway to Heaven

Paul Mathew found a niche market. He moves theater acts around Ireland and England.

A few months ago the porter from the Marker hotel called me over.
A stout gent jumped in and introduced himself and we started to chat.
He had been given an award as the top car salesman in Britain,plus best after sales service and as the conversation went on he told me he had 200 garages. There was a very intense conversation about how this could be managed.

"All my staff are motivated and trained again every few months, my staff talk to each other and each one knows what is expected of them"

He popped up again in the paper today, he had died last month.

Sir Arnold Clark no less.

Last year his 200 garages sold 250,000 cars he has crash repair centers and he employed 10,000 staff.

He had a great laugh when I told him how the Irish car salespeople treat prospective clients.
"Not in my world son, no way"

The were going to Brown Thomas and we talked between ourselves while his 2 sons and daughter in law chatted in the back. The meter read €10.10 when we arrived and while he was getting out I pointed his family towards Louis Copelands shop.
"Before you go into Brown Thomas take a look in there. all good quality clothes at a better price, with no snobbery" I said.
They turned to go and Arnold came over with 2 €10 notes.
€10 is enough I said
"and a €10 tip"
We shook hands and said thank you and off we went in different directions.
No bullshit with him he was worth more than a £Billion

Click here for more, well worth a read

I told an American about him once and he told me .
In the States we have a saying,
"First you buy the man, then you buy the car"
You have to believe in the person you are dealing with.

You would really like to deal with him for sure.

So on Friday a 16 bus swung out of Ballymun Ave past a bus stop leaving 3 people standing there.
I pulled over and asked the one who had his hand out to jump in and I would put him on that bus.
At the next stop he was slow jumping out so I raced him to the next stop pulling in in front of the bus blocking it and my passenger got out and on to the bus,as the bus moved alongside me I got dogs abuse from the driver.
"I have a camera and you will hear from the Garda bud"
"So have I bud"
There are assholes all over the world.
On my own road around 7 years ago the bus driver slammed the doors shut as an ex bus driver was getting on.
The poor mans leg was inside the bus as it drove off in spite of his other passengers shouting he didn't stop until he reached the next stop.
The guy died as a result of his injuries.

So boys and girls drive away slowly, coats and scarves get caught in doors.

Monday, April 17, 2017

A morning sprinter ...

A proper Chinese meal. Happy birthday Judy

A giraffe display in a store

A hotly disputed clamp with 3 sides arguing

Pints settle down in the local...No rush.

Easter is a time to go away so on Sunday morning the streets were very quiet.
I pulled into a well known hotel and waited for 15 minutes, no action so I started to move off.
At the last second I saw the concierge waving to me. I stopped and reversed.
A Turkish family heading to Istanbul.
Nice one.
So I drove them to the airport.

On the way back I cut through Northwood. There are plenty of airport workers looking for a run  to work. A young couple from Romania and showed me the address on their mobile phone. Bunratty drive Coolock. The were arguing among themselves a bit and then the girl exploded in Romanian at the top of her voice.
But as I didn't understand the language it didn't matter to me.
We reached the address and then I hit the meter.
"No I staying, turn around "he said as she ran off to the house.
He told me to stop at a place facing the house which would have caused a crash, so I moved around the corner.
He watched and looked out the back window.
Then I remembered that the cctv camera chip was in my pocket and I turned on the radio as I put the chip into the device and turned it on. I hit the volume as the sound of the camera starting came on and I had my hand over the mirror image while I turned the screen off.
After a while he rang her.
There was a slurping sound as she spoke, perhaps she was eating noodles or soup.
2 minutes she came out the front door her top down over her hips and she was legging it like an Olympic sprinter, bare breasts exposed in the bright morning sunlight.
She pulled up her top as she got in and we headed back to Northwood.
Her phone rang "No I am just talking with my friend in the taxi and I will be back in a minute"
Whatever she was doing she got well paid for it. She gave her pimp all the money.(I looked at image from the chip) So the fair was €28 with a €2 tip.

For me this worked out ok

For her I don't think she knows what she is messing with.

Dublin is a small town. He will see her some day and make a phone call to his mates.

"A body was found today with her throat slashed, Garda are looking for witnesses"

After that the day was boring.

For drivers, if you carry CS spray you could be sued with the angle that you carried the spray to attack people.
We all suffer from muscular stress and need to use that deep heat spray.
So you carry that just in case your shoulder starts acting up.
You get a bit of masking tape and tape a piece of thick string or wire to the back of the can over the top to where the nozzle is pointing.
So when you pick it up you know which way its pointing.
So if you shoot you wont maze yourself.

It stops you soiling your pants as well.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Blackmail or extortion

When you drive a taxi you learn a lot.
Some good things some bad things.
But you learn a lot as you go.

A rescue helicopter crashed killing all 4 crew members.
2 bodys have still not been recovered.

A customer in my taxi told me shortly after the crash that the rock that they hit that night did not show up on the satellite navigation system.
Time for a big think and fast forward to now.
All over the news today is the fact that the black rock is not on the sat nav system that was on the rescue helicopter.

Go back a bit
My man knew.
Did he tell anyone in passing?
You would think that something like this would get a red flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fix this quick..
But no
4 people are dead.

Common sense is not as common as you might think.

I may have told you that I went to school with a radio officer who worked on a ship in the North Sea.
A ship was approaching him one day with its bow doors open.
He radioed him on the emergency channel to tel him that if he failed to close his bow doors now that the wash from his ship would flood his car deck.
The door was closed and the same thing happened again later.
But one night no one noticed the doors open and the wash from a passing ship flooded the car decks and she went down..The herald of free enterprise sank.
Thank God the emergency channel calls were recorded and the captain got jail.

So a really strange thing happened to me a few days ago.
I bought 2 cars in Japan and had them shipped over.
The first one arrived and I got it ready to pay the taxes and get a number plate etc.
Then I got an email to say the second car would be with me in a couple of weeks.

Then I got an email from the docks in Holland that my car had been landed  but it wouldn't start to put it on the other boat to bring it to Dublin.
Would I pay €15 for a battery for the key fob?
I told them that you could buy 4 battery's for €2 and I wouldn't pay.
So then they reminded me that this was my problem not theirs and storage charges would be factored in.
Then they said that there was a bigger problem and they would put it on a car transporter to bring it to a Toyota garage to have the software in the gearbox re calibrated for around €300.
Don't forget your car is being charged for storage.

I rang the export company in Japan 2 times on Skype.
I rang the live chat line 2 times and I sent 4 or 5 emails.
Nothing! no reply at all.

I wrote back to Holland and told them that I wouldn't send them a penny.

The very next day my agent in Dublin rang me.
"John your car is here in Dublin port, come down to collect it". 

The car is absolutely perfect. 
The best example I have ever seen.

Depending on whether I get a reply or not from the company who sent me the car from Japan I will supply you with their details. 

The stress in dealing with this was terrible.
Blackmail is still a crime after all. 
At least I think so !